I'm a digital designer and technologist with more than 15 years of experience working on interactive projects for web, mobile and site-specific installations. I have extensive experience working with highly prestigious companies and cultural institutions such as The New York Times, The National September 11 Memorial Museum, The Eisenhower Memorial, The National Museum of American Jewish History, The New York City's office for Media and Entertainment and the Liceu Opera House in Barcelona. My work has been recognized with major awards in the industry such as a Cannes Golden Lion, a World Press Photo Multimedia Award, the National Design Award, an AAM Muse Award, an AIGA award, Webbies and Society of News Design awards among others.

I love problem-solving and get very excited with everything related to design, technology and storytelling. I’m always looking forward to hearing about new ideas and projects in the field.

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– Rodrigo


Der Ring

Liceu Barcelona Opera House

Der Ring was the winning microsite at “Opera - Web”, a competition created and supported by the Liceu Opera House of Barcelona and the Telefónica Chair of the University Pompeu Fabra to award an online site about an opera and its context. “The Ring” is a website about Wagner and his famous tetralogy “The Ring of the Nibelung”.The site is constructed around the concept of fate and apocalypse. The post - industrial imagery and animated navigation references many of the symbols of these Operas, like the threads of destiny or the construction of Valhalla. Apart from the main content, users have access to alternative visual experiences with abstract videos and images representing the leitmotivs as well as direct storytelling from some of the characters. The website was awarded with the first prize.

Lead UX/Graphic Designer


Opera Web Award


University of Salamanca

More Projects

The New York Times

Interactive articles selected from my work as Graphics Editor for The New York Times.

Memorial Exhibition

National September 11 Memorial Museum

Missing Posters

National September 11 Memorial Museum

Beam Signing

National September 11 Memorial Museum

Last Column

National September 11 Memorial Museum

Pivotal Moments

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial

An immersive microsite to showcase key moments in the career of Eisenhower

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial Website

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial

Official website to present the design for the future memorial and serve as a platform to inform about the commission.

Memorial Guide

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

Search Engine to explore the 9/11 memorial in a digital form and geolocate the names of the victims on the Memorial Plaza.

Only in America

National Museum of American Jewish History

Touch interface to browse Only in America, the Hall of Fame of the museum.

Innovation & Expansion

National Museum of American Jewish History

An exhibition about the expansion of Jewish communities during the 19th century with movies, maps and historical photos to explore.

Competing Visions

National Museum of American Jewish History

Exhibition with a touch interface to explore the network of influential Jewish artist during the first half of the 20th century.

ITP Video Player


An interactive multi-camera video player.

Synagogues Interactive

National Museum of American Jewish History

An exhibition to select and watch films about synagogues constructed after World War II.


National Museum of American Jewish History

An on-site and online exhibit to collect and display pictures of Jewish summer camps and memorabilia.

We Remember

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

A recording booth to collect stories from visitors at the World Trade Center to share their personal experience on 9/11.

Voodoo Buddy

The technological voodoo doll that spams its victims with every pinch.

Agents for Change

Tenement Museum

An online initiative to present and collect stories about social change on local communities.

J5 Architecture Contest

Junta of Andalusia

A large scale animation to display selectees at the J5 contest of Architecture.

Unitel Classica Spain

Unitel Classica

The official website of Unitel Classica Spain, a TV channel specialized in classical music.

Der Ring

Liceu Barcelona Opera House

A website about Wagner's cycle of Operas, including interactive experiences and information about the composer and his “leitmotives”.

Ópera Abierta / Open Opera

Liceu Barcelona Opera House

A website for the project Opera Abierta / Open Opera to promote and stream Operas in HD over broadband.